Intel Onboard

So what does it do?

Intelligence Onboard provides live data from the vehicle, including, Location, Speed, Harsh events, Driver behaviour information, and best of all, it provides all the EV data to make your transition to Electric Vehicles so much easier, including: live state of charge, charging events, when it’s on and off charge, which enables fleets to increase range, energy consumption in miles per kWh and how much energy is being added where and at what price.

Combining all the data into simple reports helps fleets better understand how their EV’s are being driven and helps support them with the transition from diesel to electric.

The system also provides fault codes to you and back to MAXUS improving fleet performance and keeping the vehicle on the road for longer.

Lastly the system will provide data for the MAXUS team to crunch to evaluate battery health, tyre wear usage and intelligent data, all combined to make owning a Maxus vehicle a great experience.

What Does This Mean for Your Fleet?

Fleets working with MAXUS will be able to take full advantage of the MAXUS Intelligence Onboard solution which provides all the real-time data through Geotab software. You can gain full access for a simple monthly subscription, everything else is already built in to the vehicle.

If you want to know more about MAXUS Intelligence Onboard, please contact us for more information.



Trust is the foundation on which the Maxus’s brand success has been built. Trust is built on consistency and our customers trust us to deliver on quality, safety, specification and price, every time. This continues through the BP Rolls Maxus aftersales experience, where your vehicle performance and safety are backed up by our aftercare services and in-vehicle monitoring technology. And don’t forget that every Maxus vehicle comes with Free RAC breakdown cover.



With a new name, comes new innovation. Since Maxus’s rebrand, they have adopted a forward thinking mentality and are committed to finding and creating cleaner, greener and more sustainable transport solutions for the LCV industry.

Maxus is already responsible for introducing 2 fully electric vans, the eDeliver 3 and eDeliver 9, both of which are widely used across the UK and right hand drive Europe.

This is just the beginning as the world moves towards ‘Net Zero’.

BP Rolls Network

Our Network

BP Rolls Maxus is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of expertise and customer service. We have invested in building a whole lifecycle dealership which looks after every aspect of your vehicles’ needs from servicing to repairs and livery graphics. And with our extended sites in Newport and Hull, as well as the Maxus network, we are able to support you on a much wider geographical scale. So whether you are looking to buy one van or an entire fleet, you can have peace of mind that BP Rolls Maxus has a strong focus on complete customer satisfaction.

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