At BP Rolls Maxus, we’re here to make your transition to electric vehicles as easy as possible and to assist you in getting the most out of the grants currently available for both the purchase of your van and charging infrastructure you will need either at your office, depot or home.

To assist you with the initial purchase of your vehicle, a Plug-in Van Grant can offer 35% of the cost of a small electric van (<2.5 tonnes gross vehicle rate, with CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km and can travel at least 96km (60 miles) without any emissions at all) up to a maximum of £3000 and 35% of purchase price (maximum of £5,000) for large vans 2.5 -3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight and CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km that can travel at least 96km (60 miles) without any emissions at all.

In addition to saving your business money on fuel, incentives such as lower BiK and exemption from ULEZ and rising congestion charges make clear day-to-day savings compared to conventional diesel or petrol vans. Electric vehicles deliver real cost-saving benefits to your business and your drivers.

Grant Schemes for Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

In addition, the Workplace Charging Scheme can reduce the cost of installing electric van charging points by up to £14,000. Taking advantage of these grants for electric vans can lower the upfront cost significantly.

You can receive grants of up to 70% of the cost of charging infrastructure for work or home. It may be wise for you to consider applying for these grants. The government offers grants to support the wider use of electric and hybrid vehicles via the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV).

Below we have provided information links to the OZEV grant schemes for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure: guidance and application forms.

We can also provide help with these installations through our verified installer partners.



Trust is the foundation on which the Maxus’s brand success has been built. Trust is built on consistency and our customers trust us to deliver on quality, safety, specification and price, every time. This continues through the BP Rolls Maxus aftersales experience, where your vehicle performance and safety are backed up by our aftercare services and in-vehicle monitoring technology. And don’t forget that every Maxus vehicle comes with Free RAC breakdown cover.



With a new name, comes new innovation. Since Maxus’s rebrand, they have adopted a forward thinking mentality and are committed to finding and creating cleaner, greener and more sustainable transport solutions for the LCV industry.

Maxus is already responsible for introducing 2 fully electric vans, the eDeliver 3 and eDeliver 9, both of which are widely used across the UK and right hand drive Europe.

This is just the beginning as the world moves towards ‘Net Zero’.

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Our Network

BP Rolls Maxus is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of expertise and customer service. We have invested in building a whole lifecycle dealership which looks after every aspect of your vehicles’ needs from servicing to repairs and livery graphics. And with our extended sites in Newport and Hull, as well as the Maxus network, we are able to support you on a much wider geographical scale. So whether you are looking to buy one van or an entire fleet, you can have peace of mind that BP Rolls Maxus has a strong focus on complete customer satisfaction.

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